Centralised data concept

The concept underpinning EurValve is the digital patient, in which all available data on a patient are combined and interpreted through the operation of a computational model. The outputs, novel disease characterisations and intervention alternatives are provided to the cardiologist to support their decision.

Diagram of the concept

The pathway from data to information:

  1. Pervasive monitoring

  2. PACS (images)

  3. Electronic health record

  4. Population data

  5. Literature

  6. Decision support system

  7. Improved clinical outcome

The heterogeneous data sources (Electronic Health Record data, PACS (Image) data, population data, pervasive monitoring data and literature data) all combine to inform the parameters of the model, transforming it into a representation of the individual patient.

The operation of the model is controlled by the Decision Support System, which presents the output (eg valve pressure gradient, systemic pressure and flow distributions, clinically-relevant cardiac physiological parameters such as ventricular afterload, end diastolic volume) in a graphical and intuitive way to the clinician, resulting in a better informed decision about treatment.

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