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Patricia Lawford

The University of Sheffield

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Krzysztof Czechowicz

The University of Sheffield

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Marcus Kelm

German Heart Institute Berlin

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Steven Wood

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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Gareth Archer

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Florent Lalys


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Jo Zelis

Catharina Hospital

Piotr Nowakowski


Maciej Malawski


Tomasz Gubala


Marek Kasztelnik


Jan Meizner


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Roel Meiburg

Eindhoven University of Technology

Marcel Rutten

Technical University of Eindhoven

Valery Morgenthaler


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Hélène Feuillatre

University of Rennes 1 - LTSI

Hélène Feuillâtre obtained a Master’s degree in Computer Science from an engineering school (UTBM – Belfort-Montbéliard University of Technology) and a PhD at the University of Rennes 1. She began to work on the EurValve project in June 2016.

Hélène’s main role in EurValve is to develop the Case-Based Reasoning module. In this module, the past experience of physicians is used to solve similar problems.

Thanks to similarity measures, the team can retrieve a set of previous cases similar to the current candidate patient from a database. The information provided by these retrieved cases aims to help the practitioner to take the most suitable decision about current case. This relevant information is displayed in a graphical user interface.

Currently, they are developing the Case-Based Reasoning module to plan the Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (vascular access and prosthesis choice).

At the moment, the beta version of Case-Based Reasoning module has been integrated into the current version of the Decision Support System. The design of software architecture and graphical user interface has been consolidated. The team are currently working to improve the similarity measure used to retrieve the set of most similar patients.

James Pope

University of Bristol

James Pope is a Research Associate with the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Bristol.

He has researched Internet of Things technologies for the past decade including wireless sensor networks and radio frequency identification.

James is currently researching pervasive monitoring for health applications and has been involved in creating the Bristol Activity Monitor.

Irina Waechter-Stehle


Dr Irina Waechter-Stehle is Senior Scientist at Philips Research.

She works on medical image analysis topics with a specific focus on model-based segmentation. She is responsible for a Philips-internal project on cardiac US segmentation.

In particular, she has experience with the segmentation of valves in CT and US images and will contribute to the image segmentation related tasks in EurValve.

Matthias Lenga